Media Release - Chestnuts to take over our highways

The chestnut message will soon be spreading regularly around the eastern states of Australia.

A new marketing concept designed to further boost the industry will be unveiled at the launch of the 2013 chestnut season to be in Beechworth on Saturday, March 2.


It will involve strong, bold product marketing on the side of transport running from key growing areas to the major markets in Sydney and Melbourne.

President of Chestnuts Australia Inc., Heather Kane, said that the truck curtain is designed to capture attention while promoting chestnuts as fun, enjoyable, healthy and different.

"It was a concept that our marketing committee came up with and we are very happy with the results," she said.

"With the new season set to get underway, it is an ideal time to be pushing our message, and what better way to do than by continually having our product represented all along our major highways.

"It is appropriate that we launch the new campaign in Beechworth, as approximately 70 per cent of Australian production takes place in North East Victoria, in particular around Bright, Myrtleford, Buckland Valley, Harrietville, Stanley and Beechworth.

"The farm gate value of production is currently valued at more than $9m and we have plans to grow this to more than $11m by 2016," Ms Kane said.

She added that the industry now had in place a five year Strategic Investment Plan running through until 2016. The Australian chestnut industry aspires to be a growing, sustainable, innovative and profitable industry, delivering a consistent high quality product with the goal to increase demand through promotion and consumer education, with the aim of Australian chestnuts being recognised for their unique flavor and health attributes and, as a fresh product, are treasured in their season.

In another positive step, the March 2 season launch will also mark the introduction of a new Industry Development Officer (IDO).

"The launch will provide a great opportunity for people involved in all aspects of the industry to catch up and swap business and industry information. It will also be the perfect opportunity to meet the new IDO.  We are very excited to have this position in place now for the continued advancement of the Industry," Ms Kane said.

 The industry information update will kick off at 9.30 am at The Old Priory in Beechworth and this will be followed by a free barbecue lunch (RSVP to the CAI Office 03 5751 1466). The new marketing message will be unveiled at 1.30 pm in the Treasury Gardens.

For information contact Tanya Edwards 03 5751 1466

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