Storage & Handling

Source: The Chestnut Growers' Information Book

  1. Chestnuts should be stored as near as possible to 0°C.
  2. Due to their high moisture content (50%) chestnuts can dry out even in a cool room. Warm chestnuts should NEVER be placed in lined bins.  Please CLICK HERE to view the Chestnut Cool Chain Guide. This guide has been developed to assist growers, wholesalers, consumers and retailers as a 'how to' maintain the cool chain.
  3. When presented for sale chestnuts ideally should be in a refrigerated display case. If these facilities are not available it would be advisable to present for sale quantities that are likely to be sold in a short time (say 1 day). All other stocks of chestnuts should be refrigerated.
  4. Although chestnuts can deteriorate rapidly under less than ideal conditions, under proper storage conditions (as above) they can remain in good condition for several weeks.


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