Chilli Chestnuts

2 tbls light olive oil
500g roasted peeled chestnuts
finely chopped chilli (I just use the John West chilli from a jar)
garlic salt (Masterfoods brand is best)
fresh thyme 

Roast chestnuts in the usual way – either under the grill or in the oven (don't forget to score them before cooking, otherwise they'll explode) and peel (you can then freeze these to use later or use straight away).  

Heat the oil in a heavy based frying pan and sauté the chestnuts.

Add chilli to taste and cook over a moderate heat until the chestnuts are heated through. I sometimes add a tablespoon of water during cooking and put the lid on the pan. This steams the chestnuts a little and keeps them moist. Just take off the lid of the pan and let the water evaporate before adding the garlic salt. 

Add the garlic salt and toss for a minute.

Serve sprinkled with a little fresh thyme to garnish.


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