Chestnut Know-How

Australian-grown chestnuts are delicious treats well worth the patience and time needed for their preparation.

These are some easy tips for 'first time chestnut tasters', courtesy of the Sydney Markets:

  • Chestnuts have two skins. One is the hard outer shiny brown shell and the other is the inner thin skin known as the pellicle. Once cooked, their creamy-white flesh is similar in texture to a roast potato with a delicate, sweet, nutty flavour.
  • The firmer chestnuts feel, the fresher they will be. Look for even-sized nuts which feel heavy for their size, with undamaged, firm shells.
  • To avoid chestnuts drying out, store in an airtight container, paper bag, perforated plastic bag or a specially marked 'chestnut storage bag' (where available) in the crisper compartment of the refrigerator. Chestnuts are best if consumed within three weeks of purchase.
  • One kilogram of chestnuts yields approximately 700g of shelled chestnuts

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